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Working with Polymer Clay


Polymer clay is an amazingly versatile medium, lending itself to endless designs using any combination of colors, inclusions, embellishments and styles, making each piece truly unique.  For this reason, pieces can be personalized with specific color schemes, motifs and adornments, such as gems and stones.  For certain items, names or initials may be added.  Polymer clay is extremely light weight, making it ideal for jewelry and hanging handicrafts.

How I got here...

My affinity for crafting originated with my father, who designed and created intricate furniture as a hobby.  Many of his pieces still adorn my home.  Over the years, I enjoyed experimenting with a variety of decorative crafts, which found an outlet when I had children.  We were able to bond over designing items for holidays from Passover to Halloween.  

In May, 2021, I lost my sister to cancer.  She left behind a husband and two amazing sons.  She also left quite an assortment of beautiful jewelry, some of which had been handed down for generations.  Being raised in the Alaskan outdoors, my nephews had little use for or interest in jewelry. I really wanted them to share in their mother's gifts and to have something personal to treasure.  With that in mind, I created a mezuzah for each of them using stones and gems from my beloved sister's collection. They were so thrilled and touched by my labor of love.

My sister always encouraged my creative side.  Her untimely passing inspired me to leave my occupation as an attorney and embark on more enjoyable and fulfilling pursuits.  So here I am...

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