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Custom Made Gifts

These are samples of pieces I created and personalized for special occasions. If you are interested in ordering a specially designed item, please email me at to inquire.

Shabbat Candle Set

This set was made as a wedding gift and includes matching candle holders, tray and matchbox adorned with pieces of abalone.

        Mezuzah Case 
Specially made  as wedding gift adorned with a piece of Jewelry from the groom's grandmother

Shabbat set - Anna2_edited.jpg

Shabbat Candle Set

Candle sticks and tray on a glass base. Made for a housewarming gift.

Seder Plate

Custom made as a wedding gift with English and Hebrew lettering. Includes 6 removable glass bowls for easy washing.

Chess Board

Regulation size chess board handmade as a college graduation gift. Polymer clay squares and embellishments with wood frame.

Tzedakah Boxes

(with top slot and removeable bottom)



Bar/Bat Mitzvah


Tzedaka - Remi back.jpg

Ring/Trinket Dishes

Birthday Gifts

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